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Considering a new website design, or revamping your old website.
I can give you a selection of ideas and also create a site that will meet all you need to promote your business

With thousands of layouts and templates available matching a website to the client’s requirements has never been easier. This quick fix, with timescales  reduced to a minimum, fires up a professional looking up and running  website in the shortest possible time.
The growth in smartphone and tablet usage has generated a whole new conceptual requirement.  It is essential that a website is presented professionally and responsive to all screen sizes from  a desktop to the smartphone.

It is vitally important that you chose a website design that includes a package of services that will promote  your business,  Norm4webdesign we can make this happen.

 The marketplace exposure on social media Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ and others now essential tools to get the word out to the world.
Now having a website where you have the capability to generate press releases-blogs-news, fully edited and published will accelerated the cycle time of a proposal
from idea – publish – marketplace.

Our website design will have  links that will directly generated posts to multiple social media sites simultaneously to publication on the website. 

All you need to set the ball rolling, is to contact me with your details, with some thoughts on what you want click here and I get back to you.

Look forward to hearing from you and discussing your website design objectives.

Social Media

Social Media continues to grow

The continuing trend to have details on social media, links between to your website and various social media sites is now vital and a great opportunity to keep the world up to date on your activities.  global digital snapshot 2017

Norm4webdesign can make these links directly to the marketplace and with blogs/press releases you can have immediate publication to all the media.

Social media

To discuss fully your requirements click here for a consultation

Domain Hosting

Domain Name and Hosting Packages

Domain Hosting
Domain Hosting

Norm4webdesign will discuss with you the available Domain Names most suitable and matching your desired name and offering all options, with a inclusive in the starter (package) price if a suitable domain name can match requirements.

Domain Hosting and cost of hosting is available over a number of providers and really depends on the content of the website, e-commerce, blog/posts or press release and ultimately the size of site and flexibility required. So discussion on what the website want to do for you is crucial in setting and selecting the initial provider.

Domain Names
Domain Names


Domain names and the suitability has greatly increased to be more relevant to your business or location which makes selection of a suitable name and the ongoing cost of a domain name particularly interesting.


Email organisation and set up

Norm4webdesign will set up an email address or addresses for you and your company. Email will be available for your access on your office desktop or mobile device, with the additional option being always in touch by using other computers to view your webmail which can be accessed from where ever you are in the world.


Email can be set up for a company to have a number of emails and aliases with links/forwarding to your own email address or default to an office@ for example. Also can be set up with autoreply “on holiday” which is great if your “out of the office” and not able to access emails for a period.


Get in Touch
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