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drafting webpage layout

When considering a new website design, or updating your website, Norm4webdesign can help you.

Norm4webdesign can provide all that is necessary to enable you to select a professional website layout and design to promote your business.

I can help by offering as a suggestion, a suitable Theme that will represent your business or service.

This is can be done quickly, reducing timescales for website development and firing up a professional looking website, to the marketplace fully customised with your content in the shortest possible time, readily achievable and cost effective.

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responsive to screen sizes

All Websites must be responsive to screen size
The growth in the use of smartphones and tablets usage now exceeding desktop computer use the marketplace has generated a whole new conceptual requirement.

It is no longer acceptable to have a desktop page that is crammed into a smaller screen size, the web page must have text and images  that conform to a layout that is easily legible without having to expand or magnify to enable you to read.

I can help you select a new template layout that will be fully responsive to screen size.
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social media

Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube
You must have true links to Social media on your website, either through “likes” or click through to you Social media site.

Content Management
Posts/Blogs to Social Media, accelerating the cycle time, from idea/announcement to publish to launch to awareness in the marketplace.

Website posts or blogs that you make totally linked to multiple social media sites, all this can all happen simultaneously.

 Exposure to the marketplace on social media Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ and others are now essential tools to maximise the opportunity of getting the message broadcast.
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content is king

Search Engine Optimisation the website must be fully listed on Google and other search engines and fully optimised for speed of loading and content to enable prominent listing.
All images must be optimised, reducing from megabits to thousands not to slow down the loading time, without reducing the image quality when viewed on a desktop or smart phone.
This is vitally important when the user now only according to statistics gives a site a few seconds to load and provide information.
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